A special treat on your birthday. A present so soft and cuddly with pink, wriggly nose, your very first pet rabbit! Isn’t it wonderful to own such adorable pet? But first you must know everything about this cuddly creature.

Like any pets, we want our furry friends to live with us as long as possible that’s why we do and give extra love and care to them. We feed them and give them vitamins to strengthen their fragile bodies. In this site article, you will find some pet rabbit care basics like how you should feed them, litter training up to their health. In this site you will learn all the great responsibilities you must possess so that you and your pet rabbit will have the best of time together. Understanding the rabbit care basics is a must. Pet Rabbit care basics are your first steps to enjoy every bit of your time with your pet rabbit.

Rabbit Care Basics

Keeping your bunny healthy requires extra attention of rabbit care basic. You should always make sure that he gets the right amount of food and water intake. You should also spend extra time with your pet to ensure that he’s in the right condition.

Your pet bunny needs love and care too and most of the time, they have different needs from one another. You must understand that not all bunnies are the same. Some requires extra attention especially those baby bunnies and unspayed bunnies.

Top 9 Useful Tips

Here are the list you need to know regarding rabbit care basic:

  1. Make sure that your rabbit is supplied with enough food and clean, fresh water at all times. This includes unlimited quantity of timothy hay to help his digestion. Also give your bunny 1 / 4 cup of pellets every day. Avoid ice berg lettuce or cabbage.
  2. Make sure that the ideal time of exercise for your rabbit is at least 2 hours a day. Remember that a rabbit’s cage should be 4 times as large as the bunny itself so he could move around freely.
  3. Make sure that you protect your rabbit from high temperature because just an hour without shade especially on hot days could swiftly lead to death.
  4. If your rabbit lives outside, make sure that you keep his nest box lined with hay or straw.
  5. Remember that soft wood shavings could be harmful to your rabbit. Put pine on his litter box instead.
  6. Clean his cage every day or at least every two days.
  7. Ask your veterinarian about flea comb. Do not use any flea powder, flea spray or baths when dealing with fleas. The chemical might be harmful to your pet.
  8. Most caged rabbit needs to have their nails trimmed. Just make sure that you dampen his paw first and do not over trim the nails or it might bleed.
  9. When bathing, make sure that you will use no tears shampoo. Take care not to let down the water on your bunny’s face, mouth and ears then cover and dry him immediately with towel.

Now that you have learned the rabbit care basic, you are now ready to go to the pet shop to get your first pet bunny. You and you’re pet will surely have a great time and relationship together if you will follow all these rabbit care basic. Just remember if you notice that there’s something wrong with your pet, call your veterinarian immediately to report it to avoid any worst scenarios.

Give your love and care to your pet. They are like us, humans, with needs. Let them feel that they are also a part of our family. They may be furry but they have feelings too and could also see if you are showing them enough affection.

Pet Rabbit Supplies

There are wide selections of pet rabbit supplies for your pet rabbit. There are different brands of toys, vitamins, foods and even hay. You must know what your pet’s primary needs are and if these supplies will suits him best.

Here are the lists of pet rabbit supplies you must purchase for your pet rabbit:

  1. Pet rabbit cages. Buy the basic one but be sure that it is sturdy. A 30” cages will suits your rabbit preeminent and will surely gives comfort to him.
  2. Pet rabbit potty training supplies. Buy something with drainage attached on the cage for easier cleaning job.
  3. Pet rabbit feeding supplies. These include the crock, water bottles and creep feeder.
  4. Pet rabbit grooming supplies. These include the cat nail clipper, slicker brushes, grooming comb and grooming shears.
  5. Travel supplies for your pet rabbit. These include harness, leash, pet carriers, large clean living playpen, cooling fan for crates and cages.
  6. Pet rabbit toys. I’m sure your pet will surely love these toys. Buy some toys like pet nibbler, some colorful chews he can nibble on while you’re driving on the road, light weight cat toys and if you have some old telephone book and card board toilet paper rolls, these items will also bring joy to your pet.
  7. Pet rabbit odor control. Buy some small animal deodorizer. This product will prevent the odor from forming. Get a bag of zeolite-odor reducer too so you could just sprinkle it over his litter box to reduce the urine odor.
  8. Supply of timothy hay and oats. These foods could help their digestion so make sure that you give them unlimited supply of these nibblets.
  9. Good quality pellets.
  10. Supply of veggies; Basil, Beet greens (tops), Bok choy, Broccoli (mostly leaves/stems), Brussels sprouts, Carrot & carrot tops, Celery,Cilantro, Clover, Collard greens, Dandelion greens and flowers (no pesticides), Endive, Escarole, Green peppers, Mint, Mustard greens, Parsley, Pea pods (the flat edible kind), Peppermint leaves, Raddichio, Radish tops, Raspberry leaves, Romaine lettuce (no iceberg or light colored leaf), Spinach, Watercress and Wheat grass.

Always look for good pet rabbit supplies for your pet rabbit. See if these products are free form any harmful chemicals like lead that may cause health problems or even death.

Investing good pet rabbit supplies for your pet rabbit will not only give benefits to your pet but to yourself too.

Your pet needs the finest supplies you can get in store. From small things such as toys up to his daily food. Adopting these soft furry creatures are great joy so why settle for anything less when it comes to their needs, right? Besides these pets are wonderful companion so why not give them the best we can.

Feeding Your Rabbit

Like us, feeding your rabbit requires a healthy diet. Rabbits often act hungry even when they are not so do not over feed them. Rabbits love to munch and munch so watch what you give to them.

Fiber is the essential ingredient you should remember when you are feeding your rabbit. Too much feeding could lead to obesity thus making doe hard to conceive. Feeding your rabbit will need extra attention for what he digest will be the basis of his good health and long span of life.

Here are the food groups you should remember in feeding your rabbits:

  1. Always give timothy hay or oats at all times.
  2. Vegetables should be a large part of your rabbit’s diet. Give him veggies like carrots, parsley, broccoli, turnip greens, dandelion greens, mustard greens, spinach, clover, cilantro, radish, alfalfa, escarole, kale, mint, pea pods, watercress, wheat grass, Brussels sprout, green peppers and celery. Avoid giving them ice berg lettuce and rhubarb because these might have toxic which is harmful to you pet.
  3. Give your pet rabbit 1/ 4 cups of pellets everyday. Do not overfeed because pellets are very high in calorie. Always choose a fresh and good quality pellets.
  4. As a treat, you should give your rabbit 1 -2 teaspoons of fruit every day such as apple, melons, blueberries, papaya, per, pineapple, plums, peach, pear, strawberries and orange but be sure to remove the skin for the skin might have pesticide. Make sure that you only give them the right amount because too much calorie and sugar could lead to health problems such as indigestion.
  5. Absolutely NO chocolates for these sweet delights are very poisonous as well as cookies, crackers, breads, pasta, cereals and yogurt drops.
  6. Always see to it that you change the water on his water bottle. Give him clean and fresh water every day.

Bunnies have sweet tooth that made them very much hungry when it comes to sweet foods. It’s all up to you on how you will make your rabbit’s diet a healthy one. After all they do not have the ability to shop for themselves so they would surely depend on what you will give to them. Invest your time and well your money of course to buy all the right food for your pet. They have a life too and it will last long depending on how we treat and take care of them.

Pet Rabbit Care Secrets

Like any children, rabbits are very much found of eating and like any warm blooded animals, they too tend to overeat and get sick in no time. Feeding your rabbit is the basis on how their bodies will grow right. Rabbit usually needs 1/4 cup of pellets every day. You should also include unlimited stocks of oats and grass hay for these will help their digestion. Rabbits often act as if they are hungry even when they are not. Over feeding them could lead to obesity. In this site, it is also stated all the details you need to know about feeding your rabbits from what are the right foods and amount you should feed them up to the kinds of foods you should avoid.

Don’t you just love to see your rabbit do its own litter training? Rabbit training requires a lot of patience especially when you are training baby bunnies and unspayed bunnies. It is also advisable to put out more than two litter boxes while the rabbit is learning. Training rabbits do take some time before your pet gets familiar with its surroundings. By training rabbits you must also avoid using pine, cedar or any softwood shavings for these can cause health problems to your rabbits or worse death.

There are many questions asked before anyone could proceed in breeding rabbits from what are your purpose, are you going to breed purebred or crossbred, plus are you prepared NOT to make any money from it? Yes, there are lots of questions you need to answer and understand. There are also consequences of rabbit breeding. In the site, you will read all the instructions of breeding rabbits. You must have separate cages for the doe and the buck or else they will keep on breeding. You will also need another cage for their offspring. Breeding rabbits require financial investment for feeders, trays, water bottles and more. Remember in breeding rabbits, your pet should be in good health because overweight rabbits have a hard time in conceiving.

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