Many dogs tend to clean themselves daily and those are the easy ones to maintain. It is not necessary to give a dog a bath daily. You can pretty much tell when it is time to give a dog a bath, but that will depend a lot on their hair length and color and how active they are. However, you get some dogs that like to roll in the grass or dig holes or get into stuff they are not supposed to. Those may need baths a little more often. Either way, you can use a gentle shampoo for dogs or a gentle baby shampoo. If your dog seems to scratch a lot, first check for fleas or skin conditions, if there seems to be no medical problems, try using an oatmeal based shampoo, it will help condition the skin and prevent dryness that often causes the dog to scratch.

What You Should Know Before

  • Some dogs do not like to be given baths because their smell is how they communicate with other dogs.
  • Washing your dog gives great opportunity for physical contact. As you wash your dog gently massage his skin. This will help relax him and get him clean.
  • Be patient when giving your dog a bath. Use a stern voice for command and gentle handling.
  • You can give your dog a treat or two while bathing to let him know he is not being punished in any way.

It is best to have everything ready ahead of time. You should have: 1 or 2 towels, a wash cloth to wash the dogs face, dog shampoo, treats (optional), an area large enough to wash the dog (inside or outside, depending on the weather), water and of course the dog.

Simply get the dog wet, apply the shampoo in several areas, massage shampoo into dogs coat, wipe the face with a wash cloth. Thoroughly rinse the dog. If you are outside or in a large tub area you can let the dog shake off the excess water. Then, simply towel dry him and then let him air dry. In cold weather you can use a blow dryer. Be careful not to burn the dogs skin by holding the dryer too close.

When giving a dog a bath make sure to wash its bedding as well.

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