So you got your reptile and are looking for an enclosure for your bearded dragon. Providing your bearded dragon with his new home is a great chance to keep him happy. Moreover, it`s your chance to set up a beautiful tank for your bearded dragon that you and your friends will enjoy looking at!

First of all choose the tank for your bearded dragon: You can go for an aquarium that has a tight fitting rid. A 10-15 gallon aquarium would be enough for new hatchlings while adults will occupy 55-60 gallon aquarium.

Remember your bearded dragon, just like any other lizard, will need to do some exercise climbing and basking on branches. Therefore do some landscaping in the cage. You can do this by placing branches of different sizes securely.

Extra tip: For comfort and safety of your dragon get those that are wide as your dragon.
Try as much as possible to an ideal habitat for your dragon by having smooth rocks. These are good for wearing down toenails. Hiding places are also a plus and if not used you should move them to another place.

The tank for the bearded dragon should also have plants. Apart from being a source of humidity, shade, and making your dragon feel secure, they make the enclosure look beautiful. Go for non toxic ones e.g. dracaena, ficus benjamina and hibiscus are good ones.
Enjoy looking at your bearded dragon and his new home, the tank!

Cage for bearded dragon

When it comes to providing your reptile with a shelter you can consider using a cage for your bearded dragon or getting a tank for your bearded dragon. On getting a cage for your bearded dragon there are some pros and cons you should consider.

On the pros one might suggest a cage for the bearded dragon as it is easy to clean. On the other hand one has to consider that in a wire cage the lizard can hurt himself easily. If using a cage for the bearded dragon you should coat it with plastic from the inside. So possible advantages you with think of simply vanish…

A bearded dragon needs a stable temperature for its body temperature. The bearded dragon is cold-blooded. Its habitat is mainly woodlands and desert environments. For this reason they require higher temperatures to ease digestion. The temperature, too, can be kept at a stable level in tanks more easily.

I myself would always prefer a beautiful set up tank for my bearded dragon over any sort of cage for my lizard. I just like to enjoy the look of my beautiful pet without any disturbing cage elements between my beardie and me. Matter of opinion…

Cage for bearded dragon:

– pro: can be cleaned easily

– con: due to possible hurting, cover the cage with plastic from the inside

– con: can`t hold temperature

– con: not as beautiful and stylish as a tank for bearded dragon

The better option might be to get a tank for your bearded dragon.

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